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Menu Planning: The Ins and Outs

I first started to plan out our family's meals a few years ago after hearing Jonni McCoy speak about her book Miserly Moms on Moody Radio. I raced home to order the book, and, once it arrived, I devoured it in a matter of hours. Inspiration flooded over me! We had been spending over $100 a week on groceries just for my husband and me, and we both knew something had to change and quick!Menu planning is one very basic tool that has significantly changed the way I run our household. It has not … [Read more...]

Pantry Challenge Update & Menu Plan for the Week of January 15th

We're still going strong with the January Pantry Challenge.  Even though I spent more than the first week ($38.75), I am proud that this past week my total was under $65 at the grocery store.  (Usually, we spend roughly $75 a week for food.)  We've being go through yogurt and fruit like crazy, so I'll be making a batch of homemade yogurt this week.  Trust me: If you eat a lot of yogurt, you should really make it yourself.  It's so much more cost-effective than buying the 32-oz tubs, especially … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the Week of August 21st

I know I'm jumping the gun with my menu plan for next week, but I found some great new recipes (gotta love Pinterest!) that I am eager to try using the meats and beans in my freezer and pantry items I have on hand. So, I'm goin' for it even though I usually wait to post my menu plan until after the Kroger weekly ad is out on Saturday evenings to see what produce and meats are on sale. My oldest will be starting back at Mother's Day Out twice a week beginning the 30th, so I thought it would be … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the Week of May 15th

Here's our menu plan for this week. I have to say that I usually veer off a little from our menu plan, but last week we ate exactly what I had listed. Having the weekly menu plan is a LIFESAVER because I don't have to worry about what to fix at 4:00, AND if I don't feel like what we're scheduled to have, I can always switch it out for something else. Plus, when we have a really hectic week, like this past week, it's a huge burden off of me to know that my meals are already planned out. No … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for August 5-10

I have decided, for my sake at least, to revive the weekly menu plan. If it helps you by providing recipes and meal ideas, then great! If not, at least it forces me to plan ahead and find fresh ideas.Here's what we're having this coming week...Sunday:  Black Bean & Cheese NachosMonday: Low-Carb Burgers with Sweet Potato FriesTuesday: Oven Fried Chicken Drumsticks, Fettuccine Alfredo, & Green BeansWednesday: Vegetarian Red Beans & Rice with Corn BreadThursday: Easy Taco Salad (using leftover red … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the Week of April 7

This past week was somewhat of a vacation for us as the girls were on Spring Break from their extracurricular activities. We went on two picnics, spent some serious Q-T at three different playgrounds, rambled at the library, and ate at Chick-fil-A for lunch one day. Plus, the older girls spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday with their grandparents livin' it up. It's been fun, spontaneous, and pretty care-free, but I'm ready for a little more structure and we're out of clean towels.So, I'm back to … [Read more...]

Pantry Challenge Update #1 & Menu Plan for the Week

Last Monday I posted my initial goals for the January Pantry Challenge that I am participating in with Life as Mom and scores of others across the globe. Each week I plan to give you an update on my progress. My original goals were (1) to lower our weekly grocery budget, which hovers around $75 per week; (2) make & keep a running inventory of what's in our pantry, freezer, and fridge; and (3) shop only for the basics and my stockpile. (1) Last week I kept all my receipts so I could keep track of … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the Week of June 5th

Yesterday, I sat down and planned out next week's menu and "school" for Kate only to discover today that Daniel will be working at Bonaroo, a local music festival, starting next Wednesday, and he will be gone through Sunday. I had thought that Bonaroo didn't begin until the following week, so my plans have changed. The kids and I will be going to visit my parents in Chattanooga while Daniel is away and so that explains our abbreviated menu for the week.Here is our menu plan for the next three … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the Weeks of February 5 & 12

Last week concluded our January Pantry Challenge, and I must admit that I'm glad.  While I enjoy cleaning out the food in our freezer and pantry, I am not a creative cook and tend to stick to the recipe.  So when I don't have an ingredient I need, I'm not so good at improvising.  Instead, I just chuck it and find something else to fix. However, we did eat up a good bit of food that we'd had for quite a while and saved money at the grocery store, and I did devise a great new resource that has … [Read more...]

Menu Plan for the Week of March 17

Spring is in the air, and life is getting very busy once again! This week I am visiting a local Classical Conversations Open House to see if this is good fit for our oldest. It's also the week of the big race! My dad, husband, and I are running in our first ever 5K to support Special Kids in Murfreesboro and fulfilling a 2013 goal.I've really been struggling with meal planning as of late. It just gets so mundane that I get tried of doing it. So, I have been spending an hour this afternoon … [Read more...]