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Thankful Thursdays in November: Week 1

My friend Gabby at MamaGab is hosting Thankful Thursdays where we share one thing we're thankful for each day of the week in November. Lucky for me I've been keeping track of my blessings lately, so I've decided to join her.  7 Things I'm Thankful For This Week1The life of my grandmother who celebrated her 81st birthday today. My Mema Jean has a heart of gold and never an unkind word for anyone. She exemplifies Southern hospitality: you can't go to her house without eating a meal, even if it's … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursdays in November: Week 2

This is our second week of Thankful Thursdays, hosted by Gabby at Mama Gab. Caroline from Anchored in His Grace and I are joining in, and we hope you will too. Leave a link in the comment section below, or share what you're thankful for this week.  7 {More} Things I'm Thankful for This WeekLet's keep counting . . .  8Healthy children. Last Friday I took our middle child for her 3-year check-up, and she's healthy as a horse. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for protecting our children from horrible … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursdays: 4th & Final Week + an Announcement

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and welcome to the final week of Thankful Thursdays. I'm joining Gabby of Mama Gab and Caroline of Anchored in His Grace to share how the Lord has blessed us each week. It's about being conscious of the gifts our Heavenly Father gives us and thanking Him for His goodness and love. Feel free to share in the comments how God has blessed you lately. 7 {More} Things I'm Thankful for This Week Let's keep counting . . .   22 After our 10K in … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursdays in November: Week 3

This is our third week of Thankful Thursdays, hosted by Gabby at Mama Gab. Caroline from Anchored in His Grace and I are joining in, and we hope you will too. Leave a link or share what you're thankful for this week in the comment section below.7 {More} Things I'm Thankful for This WeekLet's keep counting . . .  15My dad and his generosity in taking my husband pheasant hunting in South Dakota. It's a great time of male bonding, and Daniel needs the time away from work. Good news from the … [Read more...]

Free Printable: “I’m Thankful For…” Cards

Thank you for visiting Growing in His Glory! Thanksgiving is just days away, and to show you, my sweet readers, how grateful I am for YOU, I'm sharing a free printable of "I'm Thankful For..." cards with you. The idea for these "I'm Thankful For..." cards came out of my recent post on Thanksgiving activities for the family. My aim is to share them with my family this year in hopes of focusing our thoughts on what we're grateful for instead of just stuffing our faces with (yummy) … [Read more...]

When There Doesn’t Seem Like Much to be Thankful For

When I was in my twenties, I had what I like to call my first midlife crisis. Having recently graduated from college with no real marriage prospects, I felt lost. The natural progression of events in my mind was: college - marriage - children. But the Lord had other plans for me. Those plans, however, did not mesh with mine. So, I rebelled. Instead of trusting in God's providential plan for my life, I took it upon myself to forge my own future, one that involved love, happiness, and pursuit of … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday: And For That I am Truly Thankful

So, it's almost 1:00 and already I feel exhausted. I was up I think five times last night with the baby, who is taking thirty minute naps these days, and Kate has been in rare form lately. Check out "Miss Independent" who obviously forgot to take off her pajamas before dressing herself.But, finally, they are both down and asleep so I can be quiet, think, relax and reflect on this past week--the first week without Mother's Day Out. Despite the seeming chaos, the Lord is doing some beautiful … [Read more...]

5 Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers

One of "My Most Popular Posts" right now is "10 Fun Fall Crafts for Toddlers." That seems appropriate, yet all of images from that 2011 post have disappeared due to Pinterest's changes. Here's a 2013 update!These activities are all FRUGAL, FUN, & KID-FRIENDLY. I hope you'll try a few out with your kiddos! 1. Fall Nature CanvasWe actually made this one in September, but we keep replenishing our leaves as the old ones shrivel up. You need a foam board, straight pins, a shirt or paint to cover your … [Read more...]

Those Tiny Glimpses from God: Blessings of Motherhood

Tomorrow this girl turns 8. She is not your typical firstborn. Kate is strong, fearless, and headstrong. She can go with the flow, or she can create her own tidal wave. Flexible but determined, Kate is a natural born leader who isn't afraid to take charge, yet she has a caring, gentle side especially with her younger siblings. She's responsible, witty, and beautiful -- inside and out. I couldn't be more proud of her. When I think about how my children are shaping me into the woman … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Activities for the Family

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more details. Thanksgiving has really snuck up on us this year! As my children get older, I want to share with them not only the historical significance of Thanksgiving, but also the spiritual beauty this holiday has to offer and what makes it my very favorite time of the year. This year we are focusing on gratitude and contentment because, honestly, we've had a good deal of grumbling & complaining around here -- myself being … [Read more...]